Your Guide to Redeeming Bonus Codes


Bonus codes are one of the most exciting benefits gambling sites offer players. They are given out to both new customers, and as a reward for loyalty to a gaming site. Players sometimes struggle to find out exactly how to redeem them though, this is your guide to redeeming free gaming website perks that you find online.

What are No Deposit Bonus Codes?

No deposit bonus codes are offers that casinos run to allow gamers to play for free, but you can still win money when playing with these credits. They are often sent to users by email, or are typically available on casino review sites. You'll even find them on the promotion pages of the actual casinos. These promos vary from site to site, but allow you to place bets and play games for free with the chance to actually cash out.

You've got a Coupon, Now What?


Now that you've found a promo code, you're probably wondering how to go about adding the credits to your account. If your code was delivered in a newsletter, there are probably instructions on how to use it in the same email. If you find it on a website that shares discounts or vouchers for gaming sites, you may have to click through the relevant link.

Where to Enter your Coupon Details

On most online casinos you will need to enter details of the offer in your account area. If you head to the payment page, there is usually a discount code section. Copy and paste your code there and your free award should be added to your account automatically. Sometimes you may need to contact the support section, but this is usually only if an offer doesn't work.

No Deposit Bonuses Upon Signing Up


It's worth keeping in mind that many sites don't have codes, but simply provide the welcome offer automatically once you create and verify your account. You will often have the chance to select whether you want to use the promo, or just start playing with your own money. The types of promotions available include free cash, free spins and free play.

Of course, there are a number of different offers available to players which can be accessed using a special code. No deposit offers are the most common, though you'll have deposit match offers and more, though these are often automatically applied.

Read the Terms

Don't forget to carefully read any terms as the coupon you use will usually have an expiry date, wagering requirements, game limitations and more conditions. By having a clear understanding of what is required, you'll be able to increase your chances of cashing out without spending any of your own money.